Saturday, May 10, 2014


I got an email a few weeks ago about a buy one get one free special SeaWorld was running on their fun passes.  For the special price, a pair of people could get together and purchase a fun pass for about $35 a person.  This was a great deal, and we shared the deal with our church youth group.  Many of the kids chose to participate, so we had big plans for SeaWorld trips this summer.

The only caveat to the deal was that you had to redeem your passes by the third weekend in May.  Hmm...we were almost there, so Mother's Day Weekend it was!

I decided that I would play fast and loose with my sensibilities, and I left my camera at home.  The following post is full of photos from my iPhone, and I am not sorry.  It was nice to just be in the moment with everyone, and not have to worry about my big camera all day.

Our first stop of the day was at the dolphin tank--Bradley's favorite spot in the park.

Apparently it was his lucky day because we had only been there for a few minutes when this happened.


Day. Year. Life Made.  But seriously, this is his screen saver at work.  I kid you not.




We let the girls run through the Bay of Play to cool off a bit.


Group pic!


The Azul show is probably my favorite show at SeaWorld.  We have also taken Emmy to it every year since she was born.  Cool Stuff.


After a few rides in the kid area, it was almost time to go home.



Some of us were going home in style.


One quick character meet and greet before we headed out the door.


The only problem with the car ride home is trying to decide how you will fill all of the glorious silence.


Can't wait for more fun trips this summer!

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