Monday, July 21, 2014

Gulf Shores Vacation 2014 {Family Photos}

At Christmas when we were all together, we started dreaming up this beautiful family photo we would take when we went on vacation in July.  We knew we wanted to have turquoise and coral, and quickly after we decided that the guys could wear navy...they weren't too keen on wearing turquoise.  I think the colors are really pretty together and it all coordinates.  It's riding the border of "matchy-matchy," but when you have a group this big, you have to make concessions unless one person is going to buy everyone's clothes.

On Sunday, after our first day at the beach, we headed back out in our awesome duds and took the pictures from this post.  Although they may not be perfect, and I still have a lot of work to do before they go up on the wall, they are a beautiful reminder of the time we got to spend together on vacation.  This means that to us they are priceless.

Our big, wild, and crazy group!


We are pretty cool too.


Remember when I mentioned crazy?  May I present exhibit A?  I had the tripod set up for these shots, and I think we were giving some of the evening beach strollers a show.


MoMo B & Papa



Mom and Dad.  I finally got him to be serious and smile.  I will have to post some of the silly ones later.

Our family unit.



GiGi looked mighty pretty.



Uncle Samuel's little clan

Sweet siblings.


I love this one of the two of them.


Beautiful Bekah

My handsome little cousin is growing up.  I give him three years, and he will be my height.


This was actually one of the first photos that I took while everyone else was making their way down to the beach.  This was one of the only times the whole week that Kari came down to the water, and I actually caught her in her natual pose--book in hand.


Brittany striking a pose.  You can hear more from her here.


I didn't take a lot of time on a photo of our little family since I knew we were taking more photos the next day in the outfits that I brought.


Mother and Daughter.


It was almost dark and everyone was heading back, but our photos wouldn't be complete without a sister pic!


This was so much fun, and I know that these photos will only become more special as the years pass.  Maybe in ten years, the rest of the family will forgive me for the pain and suffering that I put them through to get these.

But then again, maybe not. ;)

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