Sunday, November 2, 2014

6 Years of Bliss!

Six years have passed since I said "I do" to my best friend.  In that time, we have been through some major stuff--lost jobs, found jobs, Brad worked nights, we bought a house, we had a baby--the list goes on.  During this time, there were a few constants in our lives: our church, our family, and our love for each other (I know. Gag me with a silver spoon). 

As cheesy or cliche as it may sound, I really do love this guy and that is the only thing that has kept us together through some of our rough times. 

The past 6 years have been filled with some of the greatest moments of my life.  I love you to Jupiter and back (because the moon is too close and I want to leave growth to Pluto for another post).  Thanks for the great times, I know our journey will only continue to get better and better.

For our anniversary, we took an overnight trip to Galveston.  My family was out of town, so we chose Galveston specifically with the idea of taking Emmy along with us in mind.  There are a lot of fun things to do there, and we knew it would be an enjoyable weekend.

I had to make a quick appearance at a baby shower before going out of town.  Bradley had flowers waiting for me when I got back.  Sweet boy.


We ate dinner and let Emmy play in the indoor pool when we got to Galveston since it was already dark.  The next morning, we went down to the beach super early to walk along the shore and hunt for shells.


The boy and I sure do love the beach.




This little girl loves the beach as well.


We found the only place open that early in the morning, and we got a little silly.


After going back to the hotel for breakfast, we checked out and headed down to The Strand.


We ate lunch at Fisherman's Wharf.  We've eaten here before and it was super yummy that time as well.


We walked around and explored the shops for a while before making our way to La Kings.  They have the best ice cream and home made floats.  If you can tell, Emmy really enjoyed it.


It was a great weekend spent with my favorite people, and it was exactly what we needed to unwind.

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