Thursday, May 21, 2015

Emmy's Program

Emmy's daycare held an end of the year program for the three and four year old classes.  I knew it was going to be cute when we got the note from home telling us what kind of costume they would need, but I really wasn't prepared for the level of cuteness that ensued.  I will forever be grateful to the place that has been Emmy's home away from home and all of the wonderful ladies that have taken care of her there.

Ms. Peggy was Emmy's teacher this year, and she may have let Emmy get away with more than we would have.  Emmy loved her!


The girls and boys from her class were in separate "dressing rooms" before the show.


They started off with several pledges.  I can't explain the beautiful pride that crept into my heart when my baby girl stood up there and said the pledge.


Their first outfits were them as little farmer girls.  They sang a couple of cute songs, and Emmy was in her element.



She had a whole row of adoring fans cheering her on.

After they changed clothes, it was time to get their PK3 diplomas.  She was so proud to walk across that stage. I don't even want to think about the stage she will cross before I know it. :(


After one last song all together, they met up with a partner and were announced.



We stood around for a few minutes taking photos with friends and family before we headed over to Mom and Dad's house.



We are so proud of you Emmy, and know that we will always be there to cheer you on!

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