Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's day this year was a very laid back and enjoyable affair.  Since I was only a little a week out from having Lincoln, we wanted to stay in away from the germy crowds.  The cherry on the top of the day was the fact that my Grannie was still here, so we got to share the day with her.

My dad agreed to bar-b-que, so our main course was taken care of.  Between the rest of us, we managed to come up with the sides, and it was AMAZING.

Bradley and I didn't go to church that morning, but that didn't stop Grannie form attending with Mom.


We drove over before they got out of church to turn the oven on and get the beans going.  Mom had set the table so prettily.


It wasn't long before we were all together and filling our stomach's with all this goodness.


After we were done eating, we headed outside to snap a ton of few pictures.


Four generations of awesomeness in one simple photo.


Emmy was being a little toot during this portion of our day, and she did not want to step out of the limelight long enough for me to get a photo of mom and Grannie.  I simply stepped closer and zoomed in over her head for the next shot.



Don't mind the tired eyes and crazy hair in this one.  The sun flair wasn't doing me any favors.  I had to include this new photo of my newest and smallest angel though.  Posting a photo where you know you don't look good for the sake of someone else--the definition of true love.


I had to have my little diva in there with us too.  If you could see all the outtakes that it took to get us here for this one.


Next everyone wanted their photo with Lincoln, and he was sweet enough to oblige.






Happy Mother's Day to all my readers out there (By all I mean two.  By two I mean Mom and Britt)!  I can't wait to face all of the new challenges and triumphs that being a Mommy to two littles will bring.

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