Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lincoln's Hospital Stay {Day 3}

We didn't know when we were getting discharged, so when Dr. Burrough's stopped by unexpectedly on Sunday morning and said we could go home today if we wanted to, we were really excited.
  Our little guy was doing great, and as wonderful as all of our health care professionals were, we were ready to take him home.

They said we wouldn't be released until early afternoon, so we just hung out and enjoyed our last few hours in the hospital.







The time seemed to slow without our entourage of family.




Time did pass though, and before we knew it, we were heading out the door to face the world on our own with these guys.



It happened with Emmy too--that little rush of emotions when they were discharging us bubbled up to the surface.  My eyes filled with tears, my chest tightened, and I couldn't speak.  This was it.  We were really leaving and going home.  This wasn't all fun photo-ops and dress up; this was another real life baby that I was going to be responsible for the next 50 years (maybe not that long, but who knows!).  I really wasn't scared this time though.  I was happy to be going home, and I knew that we could do it...those emotions were still present all the same though.




So on the drive back home, I sat in the back while both of my babies napped in the backseat, and I thanked God for the little blessings that he gave me.  I pray that he will also give me the strength and wisdom that I need to raise them.

Before we drove up to the house, we stopped by Hoffer's so we could take Lincoln's photo with his sign.  Mr. Hoffer is so nice to put up signs like this for his customers.  It's a great place to get your oil changed, and I am so happy we have a place like this by our house.



We were greeted by our wonderful welcoming committee when we got home.


Those first three days, were amazing, but I know for sure that the best is yet to come.

Welcome home Lincoln Bradley!

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