Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lincoln-Month Six

You were sick this month!  You had some kind of viral infection that was all in your respiratory track, but the gross part was that it led to discharge from your eyes.  They were bright red and running constantly for days.  You didn't act like it hurt you, but it was pitiful.  The doctor released you to go back to daycare, but Aunt Jeslynn watched you at her house for three days.  Then your sister got strep, and I got whatever you had so we all got to stay home for two days.  Since I never take off, it was glorious.  We just relaxed and rested--two whole days of movies and jammies.  Then one day your eyes cleared up, and you were as good as new.

You weigh 17 pounds and 4 ounces. and are 25.5 inches tall.  We are moving you into 6-9 month clothes now even though the other ones still fit.  There is just too much to wear.  It's a problem that every girl wishes she had, but you are the lucky one Lincoln.  You will wear size two diapers, and they fit perfectly.

You are rolling all over the place.  I will put you down on the floor under your gym, and look over at you a few seconds later and you are long gone.  You grab everything and put it in your mouth.  You say Mama (10/13) (occasionally) Dada (all the time).   You push up on your tummy and hold yourself up for a long time.  You screech and scream if you are hungry or if we are taking too long to get you the food.  You are fine again as soon as you start eating, but the screams will return if the spoon doesn't.  You play with toys on the floor by yourself (especially when you are on your tummy).  You are really interested in the lights and motions on the TV.  It can distract you easily even while eating.  I don't know that you really care what is on (BONUS for Mommy), but anything bright and with sounds is a winner. 

You also got to go trick-or-treating.  I didn't actually get to go since I was working the city-wide trick-or-treat, but Daddy and Grandma Susan said you did a great job.

You traveled: You went to Adalyn's birthday party, National Night Out, the Ray Wedding, the pumpkin patch,Dylan's birthday party, and trick-or-treating!

You like:EATING (we can't feed you fast enough), playing wiht your toys, trying to push up, sitting up, grabbing anything you can get your hands on, feeling everything around you (with your fingers, with your mouth, with your toes), PUMPKINS (you must think they are giant orange amazeballs), your lion, your light up giraffe, staying home with mommy, playing with halloween candy, snuggles, being swaddled, and bath time.

You dislike: having things taken away, not being fed quickly enough, running out of baby food (it takes your stomach a few minutes to catch up), being woken up from a nap, sore gums, the dark, and not being picked up quickly enough.

You eat:green beans, squash, peas, carrots, water, and milk.





Your weekly photos are my favorite.  I love that later I will be able to quickly flip through them and see all of the little changes over the year.



Nana Cory got him the little sail boat set, and I love it.  It is so reminiscent of an earlier time.


Even though it isn't a weekly update, I had to include this one because I just love how his eyes look.


This is a photo from when he first got sick.  It got worse from here.


By the end of the next week, he was all better!


This was just the beginning of the holiday season Lincoln, so the real fun is still to come!

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