Saturday, November 14, 2015

Our Little Cheerleader

Our local high school cheerleaders held a cheer camp for the little girls of our community.  Emmy had been asking me for months when she would get to cheer with the Ricebirds again, so she was really excited when it was finally the big night.


You can see that they were all a little nervous when it was time to stand in front of the packed stands.


But it didn't take long for them to warm up! 


This is her favorite cheer where they got to yell out one line and the crowd yelled back.  She still says it when we go to the track to walk. 

I sure do love that big smile!


She was a lot more excited to be on top of the pyramid this year.  Now we just need to practice keeping that chin high.  :)



The birds scored a touchdown during their quarter so they got to cheer and yell with the band.


The girls were divided into age groups and her group was all smiles.


And as quickly as it started, it was time to head off the track and back into mom's arms...but not before a few pictures with some of our cheerleaders!


We had to get pictures with her adoring supporters too.  They stayed to watch her cheer before leaving to go to East Texas for opening weekend. 


Keep doing what you enjoy Emmy!  We will always be around to "cheer" you on. ;)

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