Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

My school had a contest for Pi Day this year.  Since the only "pie" that I can make is cheesecake, I knew that I would have to think outside of the box. 

I turned to my friend Pinterest, and I saw a few cool ideas, but I knew they were outside of realm of expertise.  Instead, I tried to think of something funny. Prizes were being given for yummiest, most creative, best name, and best overall.  My biggest chance of success lied in most creative or best name. 

Finally I came up with the idea of making a pi shaped cookie crust and decorating it like an American flag.  I have made a similar dessert for July 4th, and I knew it would be semi-easy.  In the end, it wasn't that hard--especially since I had such a good sous chef helping me out.


I took photos of the different steps, but it's really self-explanatory so I'm not going to include them.  The finished product wasn't beautiful, but it tasted okay.


And BAM! Most creative.  I'm definitely holding on to this one; it's probably the only baking award I'll ever see.



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