Sunday, March 8, 2015

Let's Meet Brinley

When we finally got to meet Ms. Brinley, she was already almost two weeks old.  She was still the most tiny little bundle I have ever held--or maybe it just felt that way.  She was so sweet, and she slept peacefully while we held her. 


Brittany was smitten as well.


There was a certain little boy that warmed up to us after his nap.  He is such a little trickster, and we had the best time playing with him while he "scared" us.



The whole family.  Seems crazy to think that I will have a family of four soon too!


I finally caught Ms. Brinley with her eyes open.  Such a doll!



So glad to have gotten to spend the afternoon meeting this precious little girl.  Her mom and I have been friends forever, and I hope that our kids will get to know each other as well.


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