Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break Projects!

SPRING BREAK!  Let the shouts from the WooHoo girls begin!

Oh wait, it isn't 2008, so my spring break went just a little differently this year.  I knew that this was my last extended break to get anything big done before the baby got here.  With that in mind, I made it my mission to get his room ready.

I needed Bradley's help for the biggest project: hanging the pegboard.  It's not that I didn't think that I could follow the instructions online, but I did think the chances of that thing falling off the wall or something were much higher if I hung it myself.  And 'm pregnant so I'm not supposed to do anything strenuous right??

We measured out where our brace boards needed to go and got everything leveled out.  Apparently some of the studs in his room are not the standard distance apart, so we had to try a couple of times.


This little cutie pie held down the fort in her room and babysat Minnie Mouse.




After an hour or so, we had finished phase one of that project!  Success!!


I also purchased a photo ledge at Ikea that I wanted to hang above the pegboard for extra decoration.  If I had purchased it before I got the pegboard cut, I would love this project a little more.  As it hangs now, there is a difference of a couple of inches between the two mediums.


My second project was washing, folding and organizing all of the clothes we have for our little man for his first six months.  I bought a bunch of these drawer organizers at Ikea to help get the job done.  This set is going to sit on top of the dresser for easy access to high use items.

These are a few of the smaller ones that went in the drawers.  I chose to roll up the onesies for extra storage.

I didn't get all of the decorating completed that I wanted to over the break, but I got a lot of the tedious little projects that needed energy, time, and focus...things that will probably be in short supply the further into this pregnancy we get!

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