Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lincoln's 3D Ultrasound

We visited the same 3D/4D ultrasound place in Sugarland that we went to with Emmy.  This time we scheduled it for a weekend and we invited more people to go with us.  We were especially excited for Emmy to get to see her little brother, and we knew she would enjoy the experience.  We weren't disappointed!

Although it took our little man a while to warm up for the camera, we ended up getting some really great shots of his little features.  For the first while, I was skeptical that we would ever see more than his ear and hand over his face.  We poked and prodded him enough though that he finally graced us with a full frontal (of his face perv!).

We played around in the waiting room while the ultrasound tech readied our room.






My little big sister was so excited to be there to see her brother.





After the photos, we went out to lunch at Red Lobster to celebrate.  It was fantastic!


After we ate, we went to Barnes and Noble.  The fact that we missed naptime caught up with a little someone we all know and love.  There may have been a small meltdown because she didn't get to play with the train in the children's area because "ALL THOSE KIDS ARE TAKING ALL THE ROOM!"


She was over it by the time we reached Babies R Us.  She was way into learning about breast pump supplies much to Bradley's chagrin. 


Here is a side to side comparison of our two little people.  I think he may end up favoring his sister!

We are at 32 weeks now Lincoln, and we cannot wait to meet you!  We can wait though.  Keep on cooking in there so you don't look like a tiny alien.  :)

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