Friday, August 13, 2010


I am obsessed with headbands! I have always loved them, but since I graduated from high school, this love has returned and grown stronger. I think it makes perfect sense. I have TONS of hair. This hair is VERY unruly. A headband's purpose is to keep your hair back and out of your face. IT IS LIKE THEY WERE CREATING THEM FOR ME!!

My favorite place to get headbands is Forever21. They never fail to dazzle me with new designs and styles. Very, VERY rarely to do I leave that store without an overpriced headband in a cute yellow bag. The last time I was at the store they had this little piece of wonderful!

I ALMOST DIED. The picture does not do it justice. Unfortunately, I did not buy the headband. It was over my justifiable limit since I could not think of one place in the next year that I would be able to wear it. I will keep my on it though, and if they go on sale, BAM(!!) it's mine!

I am also keeping my eye on this awesome maroon and houndstooth headband that I found at Aggieland Outfitters. They currently want over $17, but we shall see who gets the last laugh in this little fashion battle! More later!

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