Monday, August 2, 2010

My New Love


For those of you who are like "hello of course you are, and where have you been all this time?" I want you to know that as usual, I am ten steps behind all that is fashionable. It takes me a long time to warm up to trends because I am always afraid I will fall for the ones that everyone looks back and laughs insanely while pointing at you when you bring up that you once liked know what I am talking about. Enter exhibit A.

My mom liked to put me in hair bows when I was younger. I think that hair bows are really cute...but there is such a think as too big. In this picture, YOU CANNOT TELL WHERE THE BOW BEGINS AND MY HAIR ENDS!!! This is an example of "too much," and I have been trying to live this mistake down since the photo appeared on our family photo wall years ago.

But back to the point. Sometimes I do not immediately go crazy about things when I first find out about them because I am waiting to see if they will catch on before I invest any time (and lets get real) MONEY into them. This all being said. I am in love with Etsy now, and I have been pouring over all of the little boutiques on the website all day. I have always been into classic looking clothes and accessories. I wore polos to school when it WASN'T a uniform. (Some people would call my version of classic boring. That would be their opinion. I reserve the right to make myself sound better because...Dun-Dun-Da-Dun...It's my blog!) My love of things classy is changing a little these days into a love of things old/vintage. I love things that I have a history and are a little different from the things that you see everywhere. I still love IKEA...I am not selling out to the world of Indie Whiners! I do not think that you are evil if you shop at Wal-Mart or Target, but I want to learn to make some things myself. I want some of the things in my home to tell a story...and I don't want EVERY story in my home to be: OMG, I was at J.C. Penney looking at the clearance section, and it was just there!! I mean it had a few scratches and dents, but for that price who could pass it up!?!

Currently, this is the story of many pieces you will find lovingly ensconced in my home. Long story short, ETSY is awesome because until I learn how to make all of these homemade things for myself, I can buy them from other people who were smart enough to learn some life skills!

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