Monday, August 16, 2010


When I woke up this morning, I made the most startling discovery. I was brushing my teeth and looking at myself in the mirror (as all truly vain people do), and what should I see but a DOUBLE CHIN! It is like it wasn't there last night, and NOW IT IS! Well it is just UNACCEPTABLE! I was already on a quest to lose some weight because I am not completely happy with my body, but this was my (pardon the pun) WAKE-UP call! I am cutting all of my portions in half and am going to move to 6-8 small meals per day. I also worked out with my sister this morning (pilates and such) and will run on the elliptical before bedtime. (Must make this the new routine) This is not a vain statement: I WILL LOSE WEIGHT. It is absolutely imperative. We are going on a cruise in late September with some of our friends. I CANNOT have a double chin on a cruise...I will cry when I look at the pictures.

I know that by putting this on here, you will help keep me accountable to my plan of attack. This is what I made for dinner tonight. Grilled chicken with Mediterranean veggies. Since Brad is on a quest to gain some weight (He really sucks!), I will have to add some cheese and leftover Mexican casserole from last night to his plate.

I will try to keep you posted on my progress, and for goodness sakes, if you see me eying a donut or other belt busting dessert, intervene before it is too late! :)

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