Monday, August 2, 2010

Misguided Attempts at Blogging

Oh Blogspot, Oh I have abused you so! I have used you to chronicle my married life events, but have I used you to your potential or thought about what might make you happy? The answer is no. I have turned you into nothing less than a glorified Facebook page with extra long status updates and photo descriptions. But those days are over. I vow that I shall do better by you, or as God as my witness I shall stay off of facebook for a month. (This is an idle threat because there is no way that I could go without facebook for a month unless I was in jail, the hospital, or dead.)

Now for all of my avid readers (insert crickets chirping), I do not want you to think that you will know any less about my life. (You shall still get your stalkers bounty) I will still post about our little adventures and such, but I want to explore new venues with this blog. As Jasmine and Aladin would say, it's "A Whole New World."

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