Thursday, December 6, 2012

18 Months!

Happy Half Birthday Emmy!!!

Her nose was a little raw from a cold, but she still took a nice picture!

It feels like we have reached another important milestone here at 18 months.

This month you have really blossomed and are showing even more personality everyday (if that is possible).  You are putting on a show everywhere you go, and you definitely know how to work people to get what you want/need.  I myself have fallen victim to it a few times lately.  You are so expressive and it's like I can tell exactly what you must be thinking by the way you narrow your eyes when you are focused on getting something.  You also like to kind of smirk at people like you are just toying with their affections when they try to make you laugh or smile.






Your teacher and I talked about how you are the instigator of most of the climbing in your class.  Everyone likes to climb she said, but you usually bring up the topic.  She also said that you are really empathetic and sweet.  If someone is crying or hurt, you will go hug them or try to pat their back.  You are also getting better about sharing these days.  It is still mostly MINE and No-ah at home, but at school if someone really wants a toy and is crying about it, you will give it to them.

You went to the high school's play, Beauty and the Beast, and you participated in the princess pageant during intermission.  You enjoyed wearing the princess dress, but you were less than enthused about getting up on stage.  Celeste was giving out the roses, but you acted like you had never seen her before in her big dress.  I had to push, prod, walk you all the way across the stage to get your magic rose. Since about 60 of my students were in the audience for extra credit, you had a large cheering section.  It was *almost* embarrassing.







Oliver's 1st Birthday was this month, and you had a great time playing and seeing Ollie and Halle at the party.  He got a four wheeler for his birthday, and you tried to hog it the whole time.  Once again, you cried when you had to be pried off the handlebars.  I can't wait until you get yours for are going to be soooo excited!

You went on your first weekend trip away from Mom and Daddy this month.  Since we weren't going to Milam for Thanksgiving this year, we let Nana & Papa take you to visit GiGi the weekend before.  You were so good (they said) and were a joy to have around.  It was hard to let you go, but I know that it is good for you to be a little more independent and spend time away from Mommy and Daddy.  This will only make you into a better young lady in the future. #Wedon'tneedakneeclinger

You also got to see your Barnes/Foster family in Cedar Park this month.  You had a fabulous second Thanksgiving, and while it was a learning experience for you not to be the only cute little person around for an extended amount of time, I think you enjoyed playing with Christopher.


We took you to take a picture with Santa at Sonic (classy right?).  You also went to the Christmas Mall, but I didn't take any pictures there.


We took you to the parade tonight, and I thought you were going to wave your arm off.  You were so excited.  You kept trying to wave and say hello to everyone that rode by.  You also got to have some donut holes which made you a little sleepy in the car and you knocked out!  Score 1 for processed sugar rushes!


She likes: Playing with her baby dolls, carrying around blankets and covering people, dogs, and dolls, playing with the tablet (she still has a fondness for angry birds), her "Mon Mon" (sock monkey), books (especially Duck and Goose), pictures, riding in her car, going for walks, the puppies, drinking out of a straw from "big people cups", giving hugs, giving mouth kisses (not just to Mommy and Daddy), having her way, lifting my shirt so she can see my belly button, dancing, playing with the dishes in the kitchen, playing with her kitchen, being outside (when we will take her), baths, wearing her red TOMS, trying on any pair of grown-up shoes that she can and modeling them, trying to repeat everything we say, "singing",  and doing things Emmy's way.

She dislikes: Being told no, changing clothes/getting dressed, having her nose wiped (this could go under a heading called "Hates with the Burning Passion of a Thousand Suns," not being the center of attention, head bands, letting me check her gums and teeth, not being able to play with the dish washer, and sitting in her high chair if I walk out of the room.

She eats: Just about anything, but she does have favorites: chicken nuggets, pizza, apple breakfast bars, , ice cream, smarties (only occasionally),pizza bites, CHICKEN, ravioli, yogurt bites, puffs, carrot slices, Ritz crackers, animal crackers, fruit grain bars, and eggs. You tried salmon and ate it, but you weren't too impressed.

She Says: Daddy, Mama, WahWah (water), Papa, Nana, Rah, Bea, GiGi, Puff, Ball, Dog, Baby, Hug, Kiss, Bite, Yeah, No, Mine, More, Hi, Bye, Night, Nose, Eyes, MonMon (monkey), Juice, Milk, Book, Shoes, Up, Hey, Duck, Nice.  She is getting really good at repeating things that we tell her.  If we say look at the truck Emmy.  She will say truck and so forth.  She is saying so many more words that it is getting really hard to keep track of all of them and to pinpoint which ones she is mimicking rather than just knows.  I do know that her favorite words are up, mine, no (no-ah), and more.  I am trying to remind her to say up please, but it is a losing battle right now.

Teeth: We still have eight teeth.  The molars are almost all the way descended now, and she is constantly chewing on her fingers which makes me think we may have more teeth coming soon.

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