Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beaumont Christmas

We celebrated with the extended Rives clan early this year.

Let me explain that when I say early for us, it might not be everyone else's definition of early.  For instance, when I was little, we would usually have our Christmas celebration sometime between the end of January and early March.  This year, we had it on  the 23rd of December, Christmas Eve Eve.

We made the trek to Beaumont, TX to visit with family. Not only were Samuel, Cindy, Rebekah, and JT there, but this year's group included Delbert, Michelle, Nicolas, and Xander.  It was a full house at Mo Mo B and Papa's house. 



Usually we go out to dinner and then open presents, but this year, the little kids wanted to open presents before we went to eat.  Emmy had a ton of fun opening all of her gifts.  She got two Cabbage Patch dolls.  She was in heaven!




After all of the presents were opened and the paper cleaned up, we went out to dinner at the infamous Mexican buffet where Bradley ate a couple of pounds of fajitas a couple of Christmases ago.  The food was as good as we remembered.

After we got back to Papa's house, we hung out and watched TV, and just enjoyed time together. 

Emmy sitting by the tree!  She looks a bit mischievous.


The Family doing "The Creep"


The McNews


The Rives Family

Kissing Cousins...just remember we aren't the part of the family that's from Arkansas!


Brit and Bek working it for the camera.


Brit, Kari, and J.T. by the tree.


Eventually, it got late and it was time for us to go to our hotel.  We made plans to eat Breakfast at Cracker Barrel the next morning. Perfect ending 

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