Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

For Thanksgiving this year, we traveled to Cedar Park to spend it with the Foster/Barnes family.  Because of Bradley's job last year, we were unable to spend any holidays with them in Austin so it was nice to get to spend some quality time with the family.


Emmarie and I cheesing it up for my new Iphone5. Woohoo!


Emmarie and her Daddy watched a couple of football games because you can always find a few of those on Thanksgiving Day!


Pappy Barnes brought some instruments for the kids, but we think he might have been the one having the most fun them! :)


Emmarie did NOT want to have her picture taken when we went outside.  She just wanted to climb up and down the steps on the deck.


The little cuties were having tons of fun playing football, but I got them to take a break for a quick pic!


Grandma Susan was working hard to get everything ready for dinner, but she is never too busy for a hug!


Pappy showed these little guys (and gal) how to throw the ole pigskin around.

Thanksgiving 2012 039

Obligatory family pic! Thanks for chewing on your fingers Ems.

Thanksgiving 2012 042

Two of the Barnes Boys and their little ones.  Do you see any family resemblance between the two cousins?

We had a great time, enjoyed good food, and did some shopping while we were there. Operation Turkey Day was a success.

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