Saturday, July 6, 2013

25 Months


Now that Emmy is two, I will keep posting her monthly pictures, but I will try to dial it back on all of the minor details that my posts have been filled with.  At this point, she can talk, eat what she wants (within reason), hop, run, jump, sing, dance, (insert many other rowdy activities), and is starting to function like a "real little person."

When big things happen, I will make sure to include them in her update, but I am trying not to set the bar overly high for myself the next time around.  I am also trying to blog more frequently, so I won't have to use her monthly update to try to cram everything we did that month into it.

With that being said, I think I will still do favorite things because that does seem to change some.

Emmy Loves: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey Mouse (pronounced Mika Mouse), Minnie Mouse (pronounced Mina Mouse), swimming, her puddle jumper, her BFF Abby, blue berries, the water slide, opening presents, her yellow convertible (it has come back out of retirement for a fun game of back & forward in the livng room), dolls,  and babies (because we have seen TONS of new baby boys lately).

Big New Things/Highlights of the Month:

Emmy now attends Sunday School at church.  This is still a work in progress because if I take her out to drop her off, she cries and wants to go with me.  If Nicole walks her out there, she is fine but still clings to the teachers.  They tell me that she really loves snack time.  Something every mother can be proud of .

She wears Pig Tails.  Since she is two and not one, we now wear two ponytails when we can. (No this will not extend over into year three.  Two ponytails is our max).

She is a swimming machine.  At the very begining of swimming season (late May), we could not trust Emmy in the water at all.  She thought the whole swimming pool was a water bottle and she KEPT DRINKING THE WATER.  Then we got the Puddle Jumper, and I am telling you people, it has changed our lives!  She swims all over the pool.  She floats on her back.  She blows bubbles.  She jumps into the water fearlessly.  It is like that thing changed her into a mermaid.  I. Love. It.

She has a Best Friend.  We have been hanging out with her best friend from daycare a lot this summer, and it is just so cute that they are starting to actually play when you put them with another tiny person.  Like actual do stuff together as opposed to sitting near each other playing individually.  When we take them swimming, they want to jump in holding hands.  It is precious.

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