Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Cabbage Patch Kid

When I was little, I had a couple of Cabbage Patch Dolls.  When I got mine, I thought it was the coolest doll that I had ever received.  My aunt (only 7 years older than me) had lots of them, and I always wanted to play with them when I went to her house.

My mom bought me a book and cassette tape set that told a story about the Cabbage Patch.  It was full of songs and told a story about how the kids were born on the Cabbage Patch. You can listen to one of the songs courtesy of YouTube .here. **I can still sing most of the songs from memory that's how many times I listened to it.

Well fast forward to present day, and I have my own little girl who is in love with Cabbage Patch dolls.  She got three of them for Christmas this year, and she carries them around constantly. I decided yesterday that I needed to document this phase because who knows what she might like next week.

In the pictures below, you will see my very own Cabbage Patch Kid!  Two of the dolls in the picture with her were my Cabbage Patch Kids.  You can tell which ones are mine because they have the original yarn hair, and the dolls they make now have synthetic hair.


I had to do this one in B&W too because it's my favorite. :)



I love how you can see so many of the facial expressions that she makes on a daily basis. (minus the frowns...I didn't include those this time)




This is her "Surprise" face.  "Oh Mom, where did you come from?"


We may have tickled her a little too much at the end.



She had her own agenda when I was finished.  She set up her dolls (and Minnie Mouse) and posed for another picture.


All of these photos were made possible through the expert wrangling of one of our favorite "Emmy Tamers"--Aunt Rah Rah!


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