Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Little Houdini {Emmarie's Escapades}

If you know Emmy, you know that she is a climber.  She has been able to climb onto the counter at her Nana's house since she was 18 months old (much to our detriment).  So, it has been an great conundrum to me that she has stayed in her baby bed when we put her in there.  She jumps, screams, and throws a fit if she isn't tired, but she stays in the bed.

Until today.

I put her in her baby bed for a quick nap because she was worn out from her play date, and she started throwing a tantrum.  I tried to console her, but in the end, I walked out to let her finish her tantrum.

I was sitting in the guest room reading some blogs when I heard the crying stop.  I thought that was quick, but maybe she is playing with her dolls. ( I knew she couldn't be asleep)

The next thing I knew, in toddled a certain little blue-eyed girl with fresh tears staining her cheeks.

I put her back in her bed and told her not to get out.

She got right back out.

This time, I put her back in, but I hid around the corner so that I could see how she was getting out.

She pushed herself up like she was climbing onto a balance beam, put one leg over, changed her grip, brought the other leg over and THAT'S WHEN I BUSTED IN LIKE GANG BUSTERS.  I scared the socks off of that kid and put her back in her bed.

She then started crying and screaming again but did not get out of the bed.

My sister showed up shortly after, and I may have had her call Emmy's name so I could try to get her escape on tape for Brad.  Unfortunately, she is too crafty to be fooled by such shallow schemes.  She started climbing out but stopped short and said that she needed help.

I am not sure what to do at this juncture.  She isn't ready for a toddler bed, but I also don't want her to get hurt climbing out of her bed.  Hmmm.  Decisions. Decisions.

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