Saturday, August 10, 2013

26 Months

Emmy found the little tiara and veil that I used at my bachelorette party recently, and it is now one of her favorite "go-to" items when she wants to be a princess.



Pretending to sleep. SMH



Emmy Loves: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and PISTON PETE, jumping on the trampoline (also known as jump jumping), swimming, playing with her friends, snacks at Sunday School,  her cozy coupe, dolls, telling people what to do and when to do it, hot dogs (breathe people!  I cut them into like 25 pieces), and the new puppies.

Big New Things/Highlights of the Month:

Emmy loves Jello-  I have been making Jello for Brad because someone told him that the collogen in it helps people with knee problems.  I don't know if it is true or not, but I guess it can't hurt.  Emmy loves it, and no one is allowed to eat Jello without 1:1 ratio of bites given to Emmy.  This is math people.

Emmy is going to be a Flower Girl- We have known for a while now that Emmy will be the flower girl in the wedding of our friends, Alyssa and Chip.  We went to David's Bridal so that she could try on dresses, and she was a D-I-V-A.  She had everyone in that store telling her how beautiful she was and eating out of her hand before we left.  I hope that she puts that good of a show on at the wedding.

She likes to pick out her own accessories- Emmy wears whatever bows and shoes that she feels like wearing on that particular day now whether they match her outfit or not.  It is not our choice people...the princess has spoken!

She likes popsicles-  This summer has been unbearably hot, and I have started letting Emmy have popsicles on occasion.  She loves them.  I don't know why it surprises me since they are basically frozen Kool-Aid, but I was surprised none the less.  I bought the Dryer's frozen fruit bars the last time we were at the store, and they were a hit.  They have little chunks of pineapple in them, so it makes me feel like MAYBE we can call them fruit.

She can outdo anyone on the dance floor-  So you think you can dance?  Well you can't.  Emmy can run circles around you as she so boldly proved at Dan & Jessica's wedding this month.  From the moment the reception started until her grandparents took her home, that little lady was rocking it.  She was not afraid to grab the hands of relative strangers to get a new groovin' partner.  This is the point where I should start to be a little scared, but I am not.

She loves Shark Week-  She was mesmerized every night for a week when we put it on the Discovery Channel.  She would run around the living room saying, "Here Sharky Sharky" when they were trying to catch sharks so that they could tag them.  I hope this isn't something she is considering for a future career.

There are new puppies at Mom's house-  Maggie had puppies!!  Emmy hasn't really gotten to hold them yet because they are just a little over a week old, but she will stand by their box and stare at them for as long as we let her.  She thinks that they are so little and sweet.  I have already explained to her that we are NOT taking one home to our house.

Vintage Spring


Emmy dancing at the wedding!

They put this cute little tag on the door of her dressing room at David's Bridal.



They taught her how to make cinnamon rolls. 
We had to take a picture at Zach's wedding.


Sometimes little princesses don't want their bows to match.

Making faces again.


Swim date with the BFF.


Watching Shark Week!! Shark After Dark was our my favorite.
 She is really into coloring these days.  Sometimes she can get Daddy to color too.  Pardon the crappy iphone picture.  The flash went off and ruined it.

We took this one when we were on our way to Aunt B's classroom.  She can just be so cute sometimes.


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