Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tales From Daycare

 Here are a few shots of Emmy on her first morning going to back to daycare as a two-year-old.  Isn't her backpack precious?





She was fearless when it came time to walk back into the school.



These are things that Emmy's daycare teacher's told me she said or did her first week back at school.

Day 1:

Emmy's new class gets to watch TV in the morning until their other classmates arrive.  They usually watch Disney movies, but they have episodes of shows as well.  Well apparently they were watching Diego the first day sometime before lunch, and Emmy didn't appreciate it.
Emmy (to her teacher): I don't want to watch Diego.
Teacher: Well why don't you come sit by me?
Emmy: I don't want to sit by you.
Teacher: Okay well it's only a little while and then we will eat lunch.
Emmy:  I don't want to eat lunch.  I'm not hungry.
 Luckily her teachers though it was funny.  I told them they needed to let me know if she started to not be a riot anymore.

Day 2:

Emmy apparently has been practicing her alternative religions at school.
The teacher is standing in front of the class helping another child while the other kids sit at the table doing an activity.  Emmy stands up and points her finger at the teacher and starts whispering things while scowling.  She then puts her fingers down and goes and sits.
They are convinced that she put the voodoo on them.

Day 3:

I got to school to pick Emmy up and she didn't really care to come home.  She was too busy playing with her best friend Abby.  Apparently they had spent the entire day doing activities while holding hands.  It really must be a cool feeling for life to be that simple.  Your only responsibility is to hang-out with your BFF.  Her teacher even said that they tried to drink each other's cups and refused to participate if they couldn't be in the same group.

I am sure that they will continue to give updates on the escapades as they ensue. :)

These are a few iPhone shots that I took when I went to pick her up after school the first day. Notice that Abby and Emmy are right next to each other playing.



After a long day at school, she still wanted to jump on the trampoline.


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