Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day

Bradley's family met at our house for Christmas dinner/lunch this year.  Unfortunately, not everyone could make it, but we did get to see most of our Cedar Park peeps!

After a wonderful lunch of fajitas and all the trimmings (Thanks Bradley!), we started opening presents.  Emmy made sure that she showed everyone that she was pretty much a pro at this present business.



Robbie got a really awesome Van Gogh print that he was really excited about.


I of course had to take a photo of our guests outside. It just wouldn't feel like Christmas to me without copious amounts of picture taking.



I am teaching Emmy young apparently.  Pappy bought her a digital camera of her very own.  She was walking around excitedly taking photos of everyone.  Bradley was pretty psyched about the camera as well. (Perhaps more than the gift's actual recipient...)


All that fun was pretty hard on a little girl that refused to take a nap.  She crashed out in her playhouse while arranging her dolls.  I am imagining many afternoons of playing and napping like this in our future.


This next part is a little facetious.  We didn't actually open "our" Christmas presents on Christmas day.  We waited until the next day..but for the sake of not starting another Christmas post, I'll just lump it in. 

We bought Emmy a few things this year, but I wanted to try to stay away from buying her more big stuff to just sit around.  We bought her a box of books, a reading learning system from Costco that she can use from now until kindergarten (flash cards and stuff), princess dresses (thanks black Friday!), a mega blocks table, a ton of movies, and an ipad mini (for the whole family).  We felt like these gifts could grow with her for a few years and MAYBE we wouldn't be adding as much as we wanted to to the clutter in our house. 

She was over the moon about most of the gifts.  Ironically, the ipad mini got the least reaction. 



She was freaking out over these princess dresses.  You recall I'm sure that she was fresh back from Disney world at this point.



Not all of these movies were for Emmy, but she sure stacked and posed by them like they were.


We are hoping we found another fan favorite!


Before she could even open all of her gifts, she had the Sleeping Beauty dress on and was twirling around the house.  I. LOVE. HER.



It was a very merry Christmas indeed, and we still had one more to celebrate!

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