Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve this year with the Nelson Clan. Bradley had to work until 4:00, so Emmy and I waited around for him. We finally got to Aunt Kathy's house around 6:15, and we were so excited to see everyone. All but two of my first cousins were there, and it was the first time in forever that I really got to see everyone.

We ate a lot of really great food. We played a couple of rounds of white elephant. We took a lot of photos. This is just what we do. It's not anything super fancy, but it's always amazing. My aunt does a really great job at making everyone feel at home and welcome. She is one of the most loving and considerate people that you will ever meet (if you should be so honored).

It was a great evening, and we stayed so long that we didn't get back home until almost 2:00 A.M. Once we arrived home, we still had to put Emmarie's playhouse together and straighten up the house since we were hosting Christmas dinner for Brad's family at our house. Luckily, I only had to play assistant in the playhouse building business. One of the big perks of marrying an engineer is that you have a professional toy assembler on hand at Christmas. I let him to go bed after the house was put together, and I scurried around the house until around 4:30 A.M. It was quite a night.

Following is a highlight reel of the night in photos.  Enjoy!


Kari hanging out waiting for present time!


Angela, Hunter, and Chris posing.  Hunter was so sweet to everyone.  He was not clingy with his parents, and he was happy to let everyone hold him.


Aunt Louise and GiGi hanging out in the kitchen.



The Three Amigos ride again. 


The Nelsons!


The Collin's Family!


Hunter really liked Emmy's hair.



Uncle Mike with his kids.  Jennifer didn't get to come home from Boston for Christmas, but we sure did miss her!


Here is our hodge-podge group.  Sure do love these guys!


Bradley and I striking a pose.


These two were up to no good.  I LOVE IT! 



Emmy's new dress from Halle.  She was so proud of it.


Micheal was more impressed with Ollie's gift than Ollie was.


The cousins!


The girl cousins!


Somewhere along the way, they found some hats!


I am not sure what these girls were doing, but it sure looks like fun!


Ollie thought it was fun to keep his distance form these two. He must have learned about cooties already at school.


I sure do love this little lady!




She had another one that said that she wanted a doll, but last second, she changed it to Barbie.  Sadly, she didn't get a Barbie for Christmas, so I guess it's good that she doesn't believe in Santa.

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