Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where's Emmy?

Emmy does not like to wake up in the morning.  This is not news.  She has been playing a game I like to call "Where's Emmy" in the mornings lately.  I get her up and take her to the restroom.  She sleeps on the potty.  When she's done, I send her to my room to get dressed.  I follow her into the room a few minutes later and she is hidden somewhere in the room sleeping.  Today, she had wedged herself into the space between the matress and the foot board.  I was already waking her up when I thought to snap a picture.



Maybe I will try to take photos in the next few weeks, so you can see some of the other places Emmy likes to sleep in the morning.  She's intense about these morning snooze sessions.  At least this morning, I was greeted with a smile.

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