Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Baby Barnes (2): Gender Reveal

I was so excited that I could hardly sleep the night before we went to find out what Baby Barnes #2 would be.  My plan was for Emmy to go to daycare because I knew that I wanted the news to be a surprise for her and to be able to capture her reaction.

My plan was foiled when she woke up with a slight fever the morning of my appointment.  Instead of trying to Motrin her up, I got her dressed and took her with us.  Although she would have had more fun at school, I didn't want to take a chance that someone else might get sick right before Christmas...I know I'm a selfless angel. ;)

All morning I kept calling Bradley (in his own car) and trying to get him to tell me what he thought we were having.  He wouldn't commit to a guess, so I had to let it go.  For a long time, I had assumed that it must be a girl because my pregnancy didn't feel any different.  I was a little more tired, but I also had a three-year-old to chase after, so I thought that could account for that.

When we got to the doctor and finally found the right place, I was still trying to reconcile in my mind what my gut feelings were.  Then we went into the ultrasound room and flashes of our baby started shooting across the screen.  She paused for a moment to take a photo of the nose and lips, and in that instant I just knew that it was a boy.

We asked her not to say what the baby was out loud (since we didn't want Emmy to blurt out the news), so when she typed boy in on the screen, both of our faces lit up with smiles!

Below is a profile shot of our little man.  I didn't want to put the photo that said boy since it would seem to set a bad precedent if I plastered photos of his man parts on the might take some of the thunder out of my ranting if he ever does anything similar some day.


The lobby in the hospital had a pretty tree, so we took a quick group photo of our smiling faces before Bradley headed off to work.


Emmy and I headed in to my regular appointment, and Dr. Burrough's had a pink tree in the office.  Someone pointed out that that tree matched her outfit, so she needed a solo photo!


The next evening, we headed over to my parent's house to share the news with them (AND EMMY!).  I had racked my brain for something that would be fun and original, and I came up with nada.  All of the really cool things that I thought of would require time to create, and I was ready to shout the news from the rooftop.  We settled on a box full of balloons of the color of choice.  This was our best option because it was something that Emmy would easily recognize and get excited about too.




She was so excited when she saw the blue baloons come out of the box.  She had only just decided that morning that it would be okay to have a baby brother because Abby was having a brother.  My family was escatic if you can imagine.  This will be our first boy, and they are all ready for all things camo and Cowboys.




The next evening, we shared the news with our family at my Aunt Kathy's house.  I stayed up and created scratch off tickets for everyone for the reveal.



Let's just say that they were really excited about the news!!


Well, Baby Boy Barnes, you are already loved more than you will ever realize, and there are so many people that are excited to meet you.  Hopefully your Daddy and I will agree on a name soon, so I will have something other than BBB to call you.

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