Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Cookie Baking 2014

Every year during the Christmas season, I make sugar cookies.  I started this tradition after Bradley and I got married because I wanted something new for our little family.  This tradition has become 100 times more fun now that Emmy is old enough to help and be involved.  She loves to cook, and this year she really was helpful instead of just cute.

I mixed up all of the dough before she woke up.  Although I know she would have enjoyed helping with that part, time was of the essence and I knew the dough needed to chill for a few hours. 

I rolled out all of the dough, and she had a blast seeing which cookie cutters she could get to fit in the available space.  Did she fit as many as I could have?  No.  But she had a good time and maybe she worked on some problem solving skills along the way.



Once we had a batch in the oven, I prepped our cooling/decorating area.  I lined our table with freezer paper to minimize the sticky mess that we would have to clean later.  Please excuse the amazingness that is my outfit.  I decided that pajamas were the order of the day, so I was a little rough looking.

I love her little apron that we bought at the Christmas Mall.  It has Christmas stuff on one side and Aggies on the other.  What a great combo!

We had quite a task before us when it was all said and done.  We called in some reinforcements to help decorate.


Some people put a little more thought into their artistic creations, but they all tasted good.





We all had a great time, and more than just cookies were made that day.  I hope days like these are the things that Emmy will carry with her into her adult days, and the warm memories will remind her that she was loved.

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