Monday, December 22, 2014

Discovering Build-A-Bear

Christmas is a magical time of the year.  The stores are bustling, people are smiling, and there is an electric like feeling  in the air.  The magic of the Christmas season came to a head for this little girl because she finally got to experience the wonder that is Build-A-Bear Workshop.

We have passed the store in the mall before and she gazed on in delight and interest, but we have never come in because I knew it was one of those things that you can never undo. Once she knew the magic, it would be all downhill from there for my checkbook.

Well I am so very glad that we waited.  She had a fantastic time, and she was the absolute perfect age to enjoy it to the fullest.  If you have never been to BAB (that's what the cool kids are calling it), I will walk you through the steps.

First you choose which kind of stuffed animal that you want to adopt.  Ours came from the cheap end, but luckily my little tike wasn't old enough to realize that yet.

Next you wait in line to have your bear stuffed.  The child gets to push a button with their foot that frees the stuffing while a store helper puts it into the bear.  The final say in softness and huggabilty is given to the purchaser.


Then they went through this sweet little saying where you take the bears heart and put it to your nose, ears, and heart...Britt almost started to cry during that part.


Next came the fluffing station.  There were blow dryers and brushes so you could get your new friend looking just right.


Next came the expensive part--the wardrobe.  No bear could be complete without three or four expensive outfits to wear around the house.


She wanted like four hundred outfits, but she did a good job bringing it down to a more manageable (and affordable) number.


The last station is where you create a birth certificate for your bear.  The program is really kid friendly, so we only had to help her with the parts where information had to be typed.


She named her bear Stacey Bear Barnes.  I think it's a swell name although I was a little mad at my child for stealing her possible future sister's name.



One more pose out front with her new friend.


This was the best Christmas treat, and I have a feeling this won't be the only bear that gets adopted into our house.

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