Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas at our House

Christmas at our house was a very belated affair.  In the midst of all of our celebrations, we didn't make time for Emmy to open the presents that we bought her.  I could have taken them to my parents' house on Christmas Morning, but I knew she would have plenty of stuff there.  I am also just selfish enough that I wanted to give my gifts their own 10 minutes of fame rather than be lost in the crowd. 

She was very motivated to open these packages because she had been looking at them longingly for about a week and a half.


We tried not to go overboard this year, so the gifts we bough her fell into one of four categories. 
  • Something to Wear
  • Something to Read
  • Something You Want
  • Something You Need
I didn't actually wrap the clothes that we bought her because I knew she wouldn't really care about opening them.  She was very excited about her new books that Mommy bought at school.


The most exciting gift was of course the Elsa doll that she has been asking for for several months.  Her reaction as she opened it was priceless.  When she found out that Elsa sang, her excitement only grew.  Daddy's sighs might have grown when he learned about this hidden fact as well.

Then there were big hugs for both of us and many thanks.


Bradley and I didn't really buy each other a lot of gift this year.  We got new shirts for Christmas Eve, and neither of us really wanted anything big.  I couldn't let the holiday pass without anything for him to open though so Emmy bought him an ultra soft throw to use in the living room.  He really liked it and has been snuggled up in it on many occasions since.


Before I knew it, the tiny person had cleared out and was taking her new gifts for a test drive.  When I saw this get-up, I knew we had made the right choice.


Merry Christmas gentle readers, and in the midst of all the gifts and family time, may we take a few moments to reflect on what the season is really all about.

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