Thursday, July 1, 2010


Spring Break 2010!! WOOHOO!!
(RAH!!! And the crowd goes wild)

Thank you. That was exactly the response that I was hoping to hear from all of my avid readers (oh goodness, I can't even write that without laughing hysterically to myself). Anyway, for Spring Break Brad, the family, and I traveled down to Concan, TX. This small town is home to a couple of small stores, a lot of cabins, and what was that? Oh yeah, THE FRIO RIVER!!

While in Concan, we rented an awesome house/cabin. The place was huge and really nice. Really, really nice. It had four bedrooms and could comfortably house at least 20 people. We spent five glorious days at this place. Our first few days were warm and sunny. Those days were spend at the local national parks such as GARNER STATE PARK! We played in the river, picnicked along the shore, wend paddle boating, and hiking. (I know it is hard to believe that I enjoyed such a vacation.) Then came the drizzle and freezing temperatures. Those days were spent grilling outside, HIKING in the COLD, and shopping for souvenirs. Even though the weather did not cooperate quite the way that we had hoped, we still had a great time, and I for one cannot wait to go back! Spring Break! Oh Spring Break! Come again soon!

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