Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse Premier Party!!

I am a Twilight Saga fan.

There. It has been put out into cyberspace.

In fact, I will take it one step farther and tell you that I had a PREMIER PARTY! This means that before going to the midnight premier of this movie, I invited people over to my house to gorge themself while watching the first two movies. Then after eating all of this good food, we MADE shirts to wear to the movie. Before we left in our newly made shirts, we put on CROWNS with the faces of the Twilight stars' faces on them.

I believe I have just entered into a new level of crazy-geeky-fun-fan.

You want to know something else. I had an AWESOME time, and the movie was great! Thanks to everyone who came to my party, and be on the look-out for an invitation to my Eclipse movie release party! :)

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