Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wendy's El Campo Bridal Shower!

As I have talked about in previous posts, my cousin Wendy is getting married. We are as about as close as two cousins can be, and we have grown up together. Some have described us as "thick as thieves." I don't think this is a fair description since they have no proof that we have ever done anything illegal. Anyway, she and my sister threw me a BEAUTIFUL lingerie shower when I was a Bride-to-Be so now it was my turn to "shower" her with pretty things. They were taking care of her intimate apparel needs in her hometown so I decided that a regular "home necessities" shower was always a good thing. We had the shower at the home of Raeassia and Darryl Jacobs. They have an awesome new house out in the country. The epitome of everything that is beautiful and classy. It was the perfect venue for our shower. There were twelve hostesses including Rae and myself, and everything turned out wonderfully. Rae made the most beautiful cake and cupcake tower. (You can see from the pictures that it really was a master piece. And BONUS, it tasted wonderful as well. If you have any cake needs, you really need to give her a call...everything she makes is awesome.) A lot of people showed up to the party, and the bride and groom received a lot of pretty gifts. I am so happy for Wendy and Jason, and I can't wait until the wedding!

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