Thursday, July 1, 2010

Awesomeness Returns to College Station!

We all knew that this time would come. The time when all former students must return to the homeland. Most specifically a group of my friends. We were returning to College Station. With this return we brought back something that CS had desperately been missing since our departure. Awesomeness!

All seriousness aside, (lol) I had a blast reuniting with some of my college buddies in College Station. We went to all of our favorite hang-outs. The most important stop came first: Layne's Chicken Fingers!!!!! We love this place, and I ALWAYS go anytime I am in College Station. The weekend was a blast, and it was a good opportunity to see some of my younger friends that are about to graduate (tear tear) before we all are gone and departed into the real world of jobs and hectic schedules. I must say that it really made me feel old when we went to the mall and they had TAMU class of 2014 shirts hanging in the windows of the shops!! Oh well, Kari will be part of the class of 2016, so I guess I better start getting used to the idea of feeling REALLY OLD.

Anyway, we had a really good time, and I can't wait until we plan another trip! If you want to know more about all of the awesomeness that occurred on this trip, you will just have to come next time so you can see for yourself! :)

P.S. Ask me about the street walker that tried to sell Brittany, Oscar, Brad and I perfume on Northgate...the perfumes/colognes have very colorful names! :)

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