Saturday, April 20, 2013

22 Months



I read somewhere once that temper tantrums are like "emotional storms."  If this is true, then watch out because Hurricane Emmy is on it's way, and it looks as if it will be a rough ride.

We are currently fighting a battle at our house.  A battle of whose will is stronger: Mine or Emmy's.  Let me set the scene for you.  We are having a perfectly lovely time, and out of no where, Emmy will willfully do somthing that she knows she isn't supposed to do (insert gasps of shock).  This lately has included infractions such as jumping on the couch, climbing the gate at the bottom of the stairs, climbing the stairs if the gate was left open, hitting people, saying "No No" to an adult, and so forth.  I will bring the wrong behavior to her attention and ask her to say she's sorry to whomever she has wronged with her behavior.  This is her chance to skate by with very little consequenses for her actions.  Here comes the kicker: she refuses to appologize. 

For instance, she was jumping on the couch at Nana's house.  My dad (Papa) asked her to stop jumping because he didn't want her to fall.  She looked him in the eye and said, "No" and continued jumping.  My mom made her sit down and a fit insued.  I got to the house a few minutes later, and my mom told me what happened.  I took Emmy back to the couch where she had been jumping, and I told her that she is not allowed to jump on the couch.  I tried to explain that she could fall and it would hurt.  She just stared at me with a mutinous expression on her face.  Then I asked her to tell Papa that she was sorry for telling him no when he asked her to stop.  She looked at my dad and looked back at me. AND SAID NOTHING. 

So I did what I had to do in that situation.  I spanked her little hand.  I can hear the hippie cries of "NOOO DON'T DO IT" filling cyberspace as I type this, but let's be clear, you didn't see the gleam in her eye or the stubborn tilt of her chin. 

You would think that this would have been enough, but alas, it wasn't.  I had to repeat this whole cycle five times before she finally said, "Sorry Papa."  She looked like she was choking on the words as she spit them out. 

This is why I am telling you people that a storm is a brewing, and the terrible twos are due to hit in two months.  God help us all.

Other than the emotional turmoil, we have had a fun month.

We spent Spring Break together.  Because of a death in the family and the funeral being postponed, we did not go out of town for Spring Break this year.  Instead Emmy and I worked on various projects that we needed to get done before the month of April and its business started raining down on us.  (Aren't you loving all of the weather comparisons?)  We hung out with family, we went to the park, we ate ICE CREAM, and so much more.  I tried to make it a fun time for my baby girl.  Those weeks together during Christmas, Spring Break, and the summer are what make my job so nice.  (It definitely isn't the kids there most days. JK...)

We visited with family.

We went to the zoo in Victoria.



We ate lunch with Henry.




Marlee came to stay at our house.



We went to visit the bunnies.


We went to College Station to visit Kari for her 19th birthday.  Emmy sure does love her Rah-Rah.  On the way we stopped and took pictures in the Blue Bonnets.


We went and had lunch with April.


We visited the studio of 104 KRBE.


We curled her hair for the first time.

She got a big basket for Easter.


We got to do a lot of fun things with so many of our friends and family this month, and I feel really blessed that Emmy has so many wonderful people in her life.

One of the days that I picked up Emmy from school, I could tell that she had had a particularly fun time outside.  She was hot and sweaty.  Her cheeks were hot pink from exertion.  Upon closer inspection, I found that she had dirk caked into her scalp.  Only my sweet little girly girl could manage to get playground dirt/sand packed so tightly into her ponytail that only shampooing it four times with Tea Tree Shampoo finally got it all out.  Life is definitely never boring.

Here is an Emmy Update:
She likes: Going on walks in the stroller, playing with her baby dolls (specifically the Cabbage Patch ones),  her new Duck and Goose books (Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin is still her favorite though),  all the puppies, drinking out of "big people cups", giving hugs and kisses, having her way,  dancing (she is starting to move her hips not just doing the head/shoulder bob),  being outside, bath time, Shoes (anyone’s will do), parroting our every move and word, "singing", CLIMBING ON EVERYTHING (still), twirling around in circles (as fast as she possibly can), talking on Facetime with Rah Rah,having small battle of the wills, jumping on people's stomachs if they are laying on the floor, "working out",  and visiting at Nana's house.

She dislikes: Being told no, having to share her string cheese, not getting to eat more than one applesauce, waking up in the morning for school (she would still stay asleep through our whole morning routine if I let her), getting into her car seat, having to throw away her breakfast bar if she doesn’t finish before we get to daycare, sitting in the cart at the store buckled in, having to apologize if she does something wrong, time-out, having visitors leave our house without rescuing taking her with them, and having to help clean up/put away toys (she thinks they should stay out all the time).

She eats: Just about anything, but she does have favorites: chicken nuggets, PIZZA (her current favorite), apple breakfast bars, ice cream, Smarties (from Wanda at church), pizza bites, CHICKEN, animal crackers, fruit grain bars, eggs, STRING CHEESE, apple slices, and APPLE SAUCE. She tried cheese dip at a party this month and loved it (big surprise).  She would dip her chip into her cheese dip, lick the cheese off the chip, get a new one, and repeat the process. Lovely cycle we have going here. 

She Says: Daddy, Mama, WahWah (water), Papa, Nana, Rah, Bea, GiGi, Puff, Ball, Dog, Baby, Hug, Kiss, Bite, Yeah, No, Mine, More, Hi, Bye, Night, Nose, Eyes, MonMon (monkey), Juice, Milk, Book, Shoes, Up, Hey, Duck, Nice. She can pretty much repeat anything we say now, and I am not sure whether that is a good thing or not (LOL). She is getting better about saying please (peas) and sometimes thank you (tank you), but I still remind her. She can identify body parts. She can count pretty reliably up to about five but sometimes she surprises us and counts to eight. She still skips the beginning numbers if we prompt her to start counting. We say, one, two, and she starts with three. One of her favorite phrases is still, “No No.” So everything is “No No Sasha” or “No No Daddy.”  She also is adding wonderful phrases such as "huh" and "what?" to her vocabulary.

Teeth: 14 teeth all the way in and the four that she is still missing are right there ready to break through! All of a sudden she wants to smile with her mouth open, so I am finally getting to see some of those pearly whites in pictures! :)


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