Thursday, April 4, 2013

It wasn't just Good Friday, it was a GREAT Friday

It all started as a semi-normal Friday.  I was off from school, and I planned on heading to Houston to do some shopping for Easter clothes.  I was listening to the radio and chugging along when Emmy started to cry.  I was trying to calm her down and turned down the radio.  When I had (with superhuman exertion) grabbed the toy that she wanted off the floor in the back seat and given it to her, she calmed down.  I turned the radio back on just as they were saying, "Caller ten wins the prize."  I have 104's number in my speed dial, so I called in.  For once it rang, but I figured it was already too late.  Imagine my surprise when Matt Mitchell told me I was the winner.  As I stuttered through saying thanks and telling him how excited I was, I also had to admit that I didn't know what I had called in for.  He told me I had won a fan prize pack valued at $200.  I asked if I could come and pick it up today, and he said they would be open until 5:30. He also told me that I was entered to win their grand prize that they would be drawing for today.

I was so excited.  I tried to call some family members, but no one answered.  I had already spoken with April, my  cousin, earlier in the morning, and we made tentative plans to have lunch together.  I called her and told her I had just won a prize on the radio, and she was so excited for me (that's a good friend).  I also told her that they had said I was entered for a chance to win a prize for something happening in LA in April.  I didn't know exactly what it was so she tried to google it.  While we were on the phone, I got a call from a 713 number.  I clicked over, and it was a lady from the radio station getting some extra information from me, so they could have my prize ready to go.  She also told me that they might close early for Good Friday, so I should plan to come there before then.  Right before she hung up, she also told me that they would be choosing a winner for the grand prize by 12:00.  This was a little surprising since he had told me it would be late afternoon.  I didn't give it much thought though because the odds of winning were pretty slim.  She told me to keep my phone on and to "scream, yell, and act excited" if I was the winner.

I called April back to get directions to her office, and I drove on into downtown Houston.  I was a little confused when I got to the intersection of Buffalo Speedway and W. Alabama.  I tried to turn right, but as I made the turn, I saw a person in the driver seat of a car that appeared to be in the lane I was turning into.  I started freaking out and pulled out of my turn back onto Buffalo Speedway.  After almost sideswiping someone, I realize that the person in "my lane" I saw was a car parked on the wrong side of the road.  The driver was still in the car, and that's why it looked like someone was driving toward me.

While this was happening, she answered the phone, and I was trying to ask for more  directions.  I heard a beep and clicked over to the other line.  I heard someone say, "Is this Ashley?"  I calmly answered yes.  Then I realized it was Matt Mitchell's voice.  I noticed that my car clock said 12:04.  He then proceeded to tell me that I was the winner of the grand prize, an all expense paid trip to the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles.  In my mind, I thought that it had to be a joke.  This was probably them recording next week's Special K prank call or something.  I asked him if he was joking, and he responded that no, I really was the winner.  At that moment, I screamed and almost rear ended a car that had stopped short at an intersection.  As quickly as I could, I found an open parking lot to pull into.

They proceeded to take all of my information, and I assured them I would come by the station to give them copies of  my driver's license and Social Security Card.  They also asked me who my guest would be for the trip.  I told them my husband would probably go with me, but I needed to confirm that.

It was time to spread the news. I called Bradley.  He accused me of lying and trying to pull an early April Fool's joke on him.  Once I finally convinced him that it was legit, he told me that of course he was going with me!  He also brought up an ingenious idea: we should be guests on The Price is Right

Sadly, the idea of being on this game show was exponentially more exciting to me than attending the awards show.  I have watched The Price is Right my whole life, and now I would have a chance to be on the set as long as we could get tickets.  Bradley got online and  got tickets right then.  They said as long as we arrive 30 minutes early, we should not have any problem getting on the show.

The rest of the story, can be told through the pictures.

The awesome station that is sending me to Los Angeles!

My qualifying prize pack: Beacon headphones and sunglasses!

April said that I had to take a "winner" picture when I got there to pick her up!

April and I outside of her building after I told her that I won the trip!

The building that KRBE is housed in. 

Emmy and I standing outside the offices all excited before I went in...yes I am that lame.

With the prize pack after I signed all the paperwork.

Have no fear that I will definitely have a post-trip post.  My excitement is pretty much tangible at this point.  I am just really glad that the trip is so soon, so I don't have time to stress too much over wardrobe and itinerary!

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