Monday, April 1, 2013

The Power of Love

Last year, we had our first Easter play at church.  I like impromptu acting and being in skits, but I really enjoy all of the technical parts of a play as well.  This year, we decided to adapt the play from last year and add some new parts.  We wanted to tell the story of Jesus's life, but also add some modern day problems as well.

I got to help with the writing process (WHAT?? They asked the English teacher to help write?), and I got to write a couple of scenes for the play.  Because I am an Instagramoholic, I created a hastag, #thepoweroflove13, for the play.  At most of our practices, I tried to take pictures and "document" the progression. Search the hash tag on Instagram if you are interested.

When you get a lot of personalities together, there will always be great drama.  You can take that statement whichever way you want because it really encompasses the play experience.  Everything turned out perfectly, but that doesn't mean that there weren't some minor bumps and crashes along the way.  In retrospect, I think those were all tests of our faith to see if we could make it through.  The end result was more than worth the effort it took to put on the production. Our church family was impressed by the level of quality we were able to put out with very little resources and volunteers.

I am glad that I got to be a part of the play again, and I am even more glad that our life situation has changed so drastically since last year and Brad was able to participate as well.

While running the computer and helping with some sound elements, I took some pictures on the big day. 

Here are a few of my favorites from The Power of Love.

This is from the first scene.  A daughter and mother struggle to keep their relationship stable amid various social pressures.


Karen doing narration.


John the Baptist rebuking the sinners and telling them to repent!


Bradley portraying a Roman Soldier.  He only had one scene so he got to hang out in the back with me quite a bit. ;)

This was taken right after Lazarus came back from the dead. Notice the little girl that "fainted" upon seeing him.  She did such a good job.


Friends and family rejoicing with Lazarus.


Jr. working the sound board.


Mary washing Jesus's feet during the Alabastar Box scene.


During the Market Place/Palm Sunday scene.  Notice the woman with the issue of blood making her way to Jesus.


Niesha working the back house lights.


Landon waiting patiently for the play to be over. :)


Karen insisted on taking a picture of me since I had taken four or five of her.


Pontius Pilate asking the crowd what they wanted to do with Jesus.


Jesus making his way with his cross.  The spotlight washed out the hair and robe a little, but I think you can still see it.


The cast singing the last song after the angels told Mary and Martha that Jesus had risen.  It was a very touching song, and it felt like the perfect way to end the play.


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