Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Price is Right {My Free Trip to Los Angeles} Part 4

Our last day in Los Angeles was planned ten minutes after I called Bradley with the news that I had won the trip.  Bradley immediately got online and got "in-line" tickets for The Price is Right.

I owe my love of this amazing game show to two people: My grandpa (Jack Nelson) and my college roommate (Marissa Gonzales Garza).  My grandpa had a regular viewing schedule of TV programs that he watched everyday: Price is Right, Matlock, Perry Mason, nap, news, prime time.  Mixed in were regular cigarette breaks, meals, and extra naps.  My roommate on the other hand was OBSESSED with Bob Barker.  She had a serious crush on him.  When I say serious, I mean serious.  Like the girl scheduled her college classes around being able to watch The Price is Right daily.

Between the two of them, it is fairly accurate to say that I love the Price is Right.

So, even though I was up sick most of the night, come 5:30 a.m. we were up and checking out of our hotel so that we could take two buses over to CBS Production Studios.


It. was. the. longest. process. ever.

We got to CBS by 6:50, and there was already a line.  We then found out that people with "priority" tickets would have until 8:30 to show up before any "in-line" people could get in.  So we waited and waited, and we watched the stack of orange numbers that they were giving out to people going in get smaller and smaller.


Rumors rippled through the crowd that there were only 250 seats in the audience and they were already on number 200.  Bradley stayed positive throughout the process.  He was convinced that we would get in.


We met a couple from Pennsylvania and another group from Michigan.  The man directly in front of us in line was from Florida.  He was really cool.

They finally started handing out tickets to the "in-line" ticket people.  When they got to us, we were numbers 260 & 261.  Thank goodness they didn't stop at 250!!


It was after 9:00 when we finally got into the gates.  We thought we were home free at that point, so imagine my disappointment when I saw the giant line waiting for us when we rounded the corner. 

From there, we had to stand in line to turn in forms (in case we won for tax purposes), we had to stand in line for our super cool yellow name tags, we stood in line for pictures (individual and group), and we stood in line for our interviews.

You might think that they randomly choose people to be on the show.  If you think that, you would be wrong.  They do six second interviews with EVERYONE in the audience.

I felt like I nailed my interview.  When he started talking to the person before me, he found out that she worked at a daycare.  He said that his job was kind of like babysitting. (Haha)  So when I told him that I was a 9th grade English Teacher, I told him that I was kind of a baby-sitter too. HAHA (or so I thought).  Unfortunately, I must not have been as funny as I thought.  Either that or I was too young and/or attractive.

The person they picked from our group to "Come On Down" was the most annoying person in the world.  Fortunately, she didn't win any money so I don't feel as too bitter.

My favorite part of the show was all of the jokes and improv that Drew Carey did on the show and while they were changing sets.  Every time they would be ready to announce the next contestant, my heart would leap and I would think "Maybe it'll be me." But it wasn't.

Overall, it was a lot of fun, and we were lucky enough to be seated down front.  There were a lot of BIG winners, so the show was really exciting to be a part of.  I can't wait until May 17th so I can watch it back.

After the show, we were a little let down, but as we rode the bus back to the hotel, I realized we were already big winners.  This trip was exactly what Bradley and I had needed to lift our spirits.  So although it would have been nice to win a new Ford Focus, the experiences that we had on the trip were just as nice. (Although a Focus would save lots of money in gas ;) ).


We got back to the hotel, checked on our bags, and went to the Promenade.  I wanted to buy my sisters and mom something from H&M.  I instantly found tons of stuff that they all would like, and I had to narrow it down.  This will definitely be a store that I want to visit frequently.



We got to the airport with an hour and a half to spare.  We just hung out, played on our phones, texted back and forth with Mom and Emmy, and relaxed. 


Our plane was on time, and by some miraculous grace, we managed to score three seats for the two of us.

We napped on the way back, and finally we were back in God's country, Texas!  Our trip was amazing, and we are so thankful to the best radio station in Houston/Texas/America for giving us this awesome opportunity.

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