Monday, November 18, 2013

Disney World 2013: Character Breakfast

Our wonderful hotel, The Wyndham Buena Vista, is the only non-Disney hotel that has a real Disney Character Breakfast.  They offer it three days a week, and for a mom who did not book in time to get a seat at any of the good character breakfasts at Disney, it was a Godsend. 

When I asked the clerk when I booked, who we could plan on meeting at the breakfast, she said Goofy and Pluto came to breakfast every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning.  I was a little disappointed that we weren't going to eat with Mickey, but I knew that Emmy would still enjoy it, so I didn't worry too much.

She was SO excited when we got there because she had been getting the royal treatment all morning.  I knew that she would be meeting the characters, and we planned on taking photos with the princesses so I spent a lot of time dolling her up.  She even got to wear a little glimmer eye shadow upon request because it was a special day.

When Pluto walked into the room, she went crazy.  The only bad part was that we had to wait our turn and it took a few minutes.  I must admit that even I was pretty giddy with excitement waiting for him to come to our table.  I refused to leave the table to go get food because I was afraid I would miss the big moment.

Pluto did not disappoint.



She got so comfortable with him that she even kissed his nose.



We had a few "safe" minutes after that to eat because we knew that Pluto was busy taking photos with all of the other children.  Someone was hungry and up to the challenge.  Emmy was hungry too.


Mickey Mouse waffles were definitely in order for the little princess.


She was pretty chill and content to eat her breakfast, but Pluto came back to see her!



When what to her wondering eyes should appear, but a vision in red and white polka dots smiling ear to ear!  Goofy called in sick, so MINNIE MOUSE came to fill in for him!!  We had one excited little girl on our hands.




She hugged her so tight!


Our sweet baby girl and Minnie Mouse


Family photo time!  Thanks for making eye contact with the camera Bradley.  It really means a lot. :)


Group photo!


Nana and Papa were almost as excited to meet Minnie as Emmy was.


And then with a little dance and a twirl, she was gone, and all we were left with was a beautifully scrawled autograph.  Don't worry though.  This wasn't the last time we would see Minnie Mouse!


Stay tuned for Magic Kingdom Day 2!

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