Monday, November 18, 2013

Disney World 2013: Magic Kingdom (Day 3)

Our last day had finally arrived.  We I decided that our last day at WDW should be spent at Magic Kingdom.  I understand that this may seem strange to some people since we had already spent two days at this particular park, but it is by far the best park for small children.  There are so many rides and attractions that cater to the smaller crowd, so it only made sense to end our trip here.


We didn't go straight to Dumbo since we wanted to get FastPasses to go on the Jungle Jingle Cruise.  Starting on Friday, our last day, that ride was transformed into the Jingle Cruise, and they would be telling Christmas jokes and it would be decorated for the holidays.  Supposedly.

So we went straight to adventure land, and along the way, we noticed that there was not a line for the Flying Carpet ride.  Emmy enjoyed it the other time she rode it, so Brad got in line with Emmy while I grabbed our Fast Passes.  Imagine my surprise when I got back and noticed that Jasmine and Aladdin were getting on the ride with some of the children!  Apparantly it is something that they do for the opening ride everyday, and I thought it was such a neat surprise for the kids that they chose.



Then we got in the short line to meet Aladin and Jasmine (since we were there anyway).  Emmy was a little apprehensive.  I think it was mostly because she hasn't seen Aladin yet.




Then we dashed off to Fantasyland to meet up with the grandparents.  Emmy enjoyed a couple more rides on Dumbo.  She cried when it was time to leave Fantasyland. :(




We took one more voyage with Ariel on Journey of the Little Mermaid.



A cast member gave me this cool sticker.  So of course I held it up so you could see some of the new aspects of Fantasyland behind it.



Emmy wanted to sit on the benches and rest for a few minutes outside of Belle's village.  I am still not sure why someone who was riding in the stoller needed to rest.


One ride that we really missed getting to ride because it was still under construction was Peter Pan's Flight.  Emmy loves that movie, so we will look forward to riding it the next time we are there.


We finally made it to the Jingle Cruise.




It was pretty much the same cruise, but there were a few holiday decorations scattered about during the ride.  I was slightly disappointed.




We stood in line to get one more Dole Whip as well.  These are THE BEST snack at Magic Kingdom.  I am not kidding.  It is imperative that you get one everyday that you are there.  They are that good.  Trust me; you won't be sorry.



We also realized that we didn't take a full group picture the other day that we came to Magic Kingdom, so it was essential to our (Mom & I) happiness that we get this photo.


Emmy saw Goofy outside while we were watching the parade from Main Street, and she asked for this photo.


Our time at the World was coming to an end.  We took a few more photos to commemorate our time.


This is our "We are really sad that you are making us leave Disney World" face.

This is Bradley's "We have to leave Disney because you spent all my money" face.

Nana wasn't ready to leave yet either.


But she was ready to get home and see GiGi, Brittany, and Kari.


We had an amazing time at Disney, but unfortunately, all good things must come to end.  For some reason our mortgage company doesn't let you pay them in magic and FastPasses.  ;)

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