Monday, November 18, 2013

Downtown Disney Adventures

Part of my research before our trip to Disney World led me to this post.  In it, I got the idea of buying/building these amazing Mr. Potato Heads for some of our special friends back home.

We headed straight for Once Upon A Toy.  This is probably the coolest toy store that I have ever been into.  If Brad had not been with me, I probably would have come with many more souvenirs.


Part of the potato head station.


When I began collecting pieces for all of the potato heads that we were buying, it quickly became a bigger undertaking than I could have realized.  A sweet cast member, Lisa, quickly took sympathy on me, and she asked if she could help me gather, sort, and pack our potatoes.



I love a good puzzle, but there is no way that I could have been 1/10 as good at packing that container as Lisa was.  She knew exactly which pieces needed to go in and where everything would fit.





Emmy was a little over the process after about twenty minutes, but she was really ticked when I told her that she couldn't play with the potato heads yet.



Papa, Brad, and Emmy perked up enough to take a photo with the giant Mr. Potato Head outside.


We headed over to guest relations, so that I could tell them how pleased we were with the service that Lisa gave us.  Then we made a stop at Pin Traders so that we could find a small pin set for Emmy.



Once Papa started looking at all of the pins, the "small" pin set turned into a much larger endeavor than any of us had pictured.


Then we took Papa to see the Lego store, and he found a long lost cousin.  Can't you see the family resemblance?


Brad got crafty at the Lego station and made this little guy.  I sure married the right guy.


We had a great evening strolling along looking in shops and sampling some of their wares.   It was exactly the restful evening that we needed before our second day at Magic Kingdom!

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