Monday, November 18, 2013

We Honor the Twelve

Aggie Bonfire Memorial Day

One of my Aggie coworkers told me a story today.  He told me about his experience on 11-18-1999.

My coworker was in the Fighting Texas Aggie Band.  They were scheduled to work the night of the collapse.  Apparently some of the underclassmen were being "coaxed" into working on Bonfire to the point of their grades and sleep schedule suffering.  I know it is hard to believe that an upperclassmen would ever try to "coax" underclassmen into doing anything that they didn't want to do.

Well, the guy in charge (of the band) told the BQs that they didn't have to go work that night.  They should stay in and sleep/catch up on homework.

As my coworker recounted his experience and how one man's decision may have saved an entire unit from being there when it fell, I was reminded with how close we all come to disaster on a daily basis.

Simple choices and actions such as taking the time to hold a door open for someone could be the moment's delay that you need to see that car coming too fast to see the stop sign.

I guess today while I am remembering our twelve dear Aggies that passed away on that fateful day in '99, I am also thankful for all of the little choices made that saved the lives of so many more.  While we are peacefully remembering the fallen, let us also be thankful to a great God and his perfect plan that we don't always understand.

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