Monday, November 18, 2013

Disney World 2013: Hollywood Studios

We spent Wednesday at Hollywood Studios. The last time that I visited this park, it was called Disney's MGM Grand.  Sometime between our visits, the name was changed to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Everything still looked the same for the most part other than that detail.


As soon as we got the the park, we rushed over to Toy Story Mania.  We grabbed our FastPasses, and we stood in line to ride it once before our passes could be used.  This was one of the only "rides" in the park that Emmy could ride, so we wanted to make sure that we would get to enjoy it a couple of times.


Next, we ran over to ride the Rockin' Roller Coaster.  We couldn't get a FastPass for this, so we just stood in line and then did a rider switch.  We only had to wait around 25 minutes, so it wasn't too bad.


Emmy wasn't keen on waiting that long for anything- especially something she couldn't ride.


In between rides, we took a few pictures in front of the guitar.


I love that my parents still know how to have fun!


Emmy wasn't really into taking a photo at the moment, so we had to get down on her level.


One more without her!


We rode Tower of Terror and looked around.  Then Brad and I took Emmy to use the four Fast Passes that we had for Toy Story Mania.  Mom and Dad went to watch Beauty and the Beast, so we could take Emmy on the ride twice.  It was perfect.

Next we took off to watch the Lights, Camera, Action stunt show.  We have seen it before, but it is fun every time.


We sat at the top away from other people so Emmy would have a little room to walk around and play.  It was also a warm day, so we didn't mind being away from the crowd.





Afterwards, we were STARVING, so we tried to get away from our nearest and dearest 3500 friends that had been at the show with us.  All of the restaurants in that section of the park were packed, so we moved further away until we found a little pizza arcade.  Of course the guys weren't feeling pizza and Emmy was really grouchy, so Mom and I walked half a mile away to the ABC Commissary.  We brought back burgers and fish plates for everyone and ate in the arcade.  By the end of the meal, Ems was asleep, and we all breathed a little sigh of relief.

Dad was ready to leave, so while he and Mom went to take photos, Brad and I rode through the great American Movie Ride.  It was definitely not the most exciting ride that I have ever been on, but it was air conditioned and we got to sit down on a padded seat with our napping baby so it was perfect.

After that we met up with Mom and took a few photos.





Emmy woke up during the Little Mermaid Show, and it was time for an activity just for her- DISNEY JUNIOR LIVE ON STAGE!



She was enthralled!



After the show, we went to Disney's Animation to take photos with some of the characters.  Since the stunt show and the Indiana Jones show were going on at that time, it was pretty empty. Score!

We met Frozone and Mr. Incredible.


Penelope and Wreck-it-Ralph



We walked into a room that didn't have a line at all, and who should we find in there, but MINNIE MOUSE!  Emmy spent about 8 minutes visiting with Minnie uninterrupted before someone else finally came along.



We tried to sneak out, but Emmy's little eagle eyes spotted Mickey Mouse over in the corner.  He unfortunately did have a line, but who cares about a little waiting when a little girl smiles like this?



Group shot with Sorcerer Mickey!


After this, the park was getting pretty close to closing, so we just walked around and looked at some of the shops for a little while before heading back.  It was a great day!

Next up, Animal Kingdom Day 2!

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